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The theme is puppies :)

Since my schedule did not permit me to do birthday cake for Naira, I offered to make her elephant family toppers instead. Happy birthday sweetie!

Shereen’s mom Yovita ordered 3 dozen cupcakes for her birthday. A dozen is to be individually packed. Theme requested is bees, butterflies, roses, bugs, and other cute stuffs. Thanks for the order Yovita :)

These are ordered by Auntie Maggy for the former Minister of Tourism birthday souvenirs. Mr. Joop Ave loves books, horses and batik. So here they are, the books are made of fondant, and the horses and batik are made from edible sugar paper. Happy birthday Pak Joop!

Big thanks to Ina Larizz for the edible and Yuli Kue Rumahan for the packaging :)

A repeat order from Juliani. Thanks dear :)

Luci ordered a cupcakes set of 9 with turtle theme, along with some starfish. I hope the birthday girl loves them :)